Vietnam International Pepper Outlook 2022

In the year-end 2020, the outbreak of Covid-19 caused severe disruption to the global supply chain and trade activities became quiet as the pepper importing countries in the world closed in turn to prevent spread of the virus. Nevertheless, despite the impact of Covid-19, it was reported that the number of pepper exported by Vietnam in particular and the world as a whole peaked at record in 2020. In 2021, although the global economy faced a range of difficulties, the global pepper export was seen a slight decrease, which further confirms the attractiveness of this spice.

Following the great success of the Vietnam International Pepper Outlook 2018 (VIPO 2018) in Ho Chi Minh City, the conference of the Vietnam International Pepper Outlook 2022 (VIPO 2022) is a special event and attracts attention of entrepreneurs in the Pepper industry from over the world.

VIPO 2022 looks forward to welcoming and closely connecting more than 200 participants who are farmers, retailers, exporters, importers, ministers, financiers, NGOs, etc involved in the Pepper and Spices Industry. VIPO 2022 will offer opportunities for meeting, communication, discussion, sharing information and cooperation in the pepper business through programs consisting of a main conference and mini-exhibition by top Vietnam pepper exporters. Particularly, a field trip to Dak Lak Province, which is a key pepper region and economic center of Central Highlands in Vietnam, will be organized.

The conference of VIPO 2022 will focus on assessing the global pepper supply and demand situation, updating the quality requirements of some importing markets, propensity to production and consumption, and prospects of Vietnam's pepper industry in the coming time.